Selling a solar home requires special skills and training. We created a list of

Questions you should ask your Realtor about before signing your listing agreement

Here I am pictured above with the amazing and talented course author Sandra Adomatis.She is one of my personal heros and has done so much to educate people on the value of PV Solar.

"There is a lot of information out there, but the numbers don't lie." -Camp, Solar Realtor and Instructor in Phoenix, AZ

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Live training opportunities with Elite Education

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Solar Valuation and Appraisal Resources

Problem: What if the Buyer's lender does not have qualified competent residential PV Solar appraisers already on staff?

Solution: Recommend they hire one listed as having previous educational training from the Appraisal Institute website. Then, qualify the appraiser lender selects for the job before they arrive at the solar home.

  • Intro to Green Buildings 8 hr + exam

  • Case Studies in Appraising Residential Green Buildings 8 hr + exam
  • Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar 15 hr + exam <--- this is the training I took in 2014 with 60 appraisers from across the U.S. and passed their exam. I HIGHLY recommend this course for appraisers

Problem:  There are no other homes in my neighborhood that have sold recently with solar.

Solution: Use the website trained appraisers use to calculate present value. Numerous studies have shown when no comparables are available this and net cost are best value indicators.

(In my newest course, "How Much Is a Solar Home Worth" I will summarize 8 research studies locally and Nationally conducted within last 3 years that all agree on the same thing - there is definitely value in saving money with solar. Come on folks - the numbers don't lie!)

Problem: My solar sales team promised me that my system would be worth x amount of dollars when I sold my home in a few years.

Solution:Solar sales people are sales people not licensed appraisers and unless they have a crystal ball cannot predict future housing market value. See options above.

Solar Home Seller Checklist and Things a Buyer can request when buying a solar home

Information you will want to gather BEFORE you list your solar home for sale.

I know you will not likely have all or even most items on this list, but the more transparent you can be from the beginning, the more smoothly your sale is likely to go.  Disclosure is a best practice and these things should stay with the home after it is sold.

Commissioning Documentation

Install Paperwork

  • System DC and AC power ratings
  • Manufacturer, model, and quantity of PV modules, inverters, batteries, controllers, and other major components
  • Name, contact info of all responsible parties
  • Site layout identifying equipment locations, easements
  • Diagram of overall system design
  • Operation and maintenance information
  • Operating guidelines, safety procedures, and maintenance plans
  • Contracting and financial details, interconnection agreements, rebates and tax forms

Warranty Information

  • Panels
  • Inverter(s)
  • Storage

Production and/or Performance Guarantees

Building Permits

Shading Analysis

Current and one year of Utility Bill History

HERS Report

Third Party Certifications (Net Zero Energy Building Certification, ENERGY STAR, LEED, National Green Building Standard, Scottsdale Green Building Program, etc.)

If this list is like speaking a foreign language to your agent, buyer's lender, or appraiser- you don't have the right person for the job. You wouldn't hire an optometrist to do knee surgery or a tax attorney to handle a custody case; Make sure you hire competent help that understands SOLAR and not just residential resales.

Licensed agents, appraisers, & homeowners reading this - if you want to learn more, you are invited to attend any of the 4 courses I offer on solar or you can take the online version of my 3 hour Selling Solar course for no continuing education credit. Email me for online course link @

Complimentary Consults

Problem: We spent a lot of time, money, and effort into making our home energy and/or water efficient. How can we get the most money possible from our improvements when we sell?  (A great problem to have by the way.)

Solution: Utilize the Green and Energy Efficient Addendum and 'Silent Sales Pitch' to make invisible features noticeable. Most buyers and appraisers don't have x-ray vision to know about your R-40 insulation in the attic,  how efficient your HVAC or windows are, how old your inverter is, or how your low HERS score is. I can can almost guarantee your competition has never heard of this form and using it will give your home a competitive edge and likely more money when you sell if you use it right.

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