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We love selling and remodeling high-performance homes but we sell ANY and ALL homes and land, regardless of condition and are never too busy for your referrals.


What we offer:

Over a decade in the business

Teaching peers for 8 years & engaged in education

Expertise in high-performance homes, solar & green homes

Client appreciation program

Referrals to awesome vendors

We support our community and schools

Building wealth through real estate and investments

Excellent negotiation skills and regular communication

We love helping people.

There is a buyer for each home - including yours!

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HomeSmart International and Pearl Certification are partnering on an appraisal study that will determine how energy-efficient features impact value.


Through the partnership, agents at HomeSmart will assist eligible homeowners in Phoenix, Ariz., with certifying their homes through Pearl Certification. To conduct the study, the brands will analyze sale price and days on market for up to 100 homes that are certified and sold, with the goal of determining how much value Pearl Certification Reports add to Phoenix homes (includes the Appraisal Institute’s Green and Energy Efficient Appraisal Addendum). Pearl’s certification system highlights a home’s most efficient features, and suggests points of improvement to make before selling.


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Ask me if your home certification could be FREE.

Melisa Camp (having way too much fun) with Segun Oduolowu on The List for Earth Day #earthmama